Fice Inter

Here at Inter, we have two different loves! Inter Milan and our furniture company! We are a family run business and we deliver our products around the world. We originated from Italy, but as children we moved into Australia. From here, our parents set up Fice Inter as a company that would provide the best Italian furniture both in design and in materials to those living in Australia!

The business has been a massive success as you can imagine! But one of the biggest things that is important to me is that we never lost our heritage as a proud Italian family. We continue to ensure that all our furniture we sell both in Australia and exported is of the highest possible quality. We make sure that the furniture is of the highest comfort level, that the materials are of the highest cut and that the product itself is without flaw.

Part of the reason we are so proud of our product is because it is all hand made. Learning in Italy, we learnt how to cut the material, shape the wood and textile the furniture ourselves. All furniture that we sell are made directly by our hands. That is why we can ensure the highest quality. Ours is built to last and it always has been. That is partially why we are so proud of our furniture.

We also know that in terms of beauty, none comes close to Fice Inter. We make sure that all our patterns look beautiful. Even if you choose a plain material, we make sure that the shapes and curves of all our furniture look amazing. We also make sure to pick out only the finest of woods for our tables. Quality and beauty are the main aspects of any perfect furniture for me! That is why we do this! We would also like to thank our Accountant Houston company for helping us so much over the years!

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