Inter Milan Part 2

Inter Milan will always be such a big team in Italy not because of how well we play today, but more because of the way that the team plays and the passion that all of our players have. We do have some of the most problematic players on the pitch, and that is why we love all of them! When you look at some of the players that currently play with us today like Nainggolan, you can tell that we will continue to have players who will be physical and attacking.

Of course, there is nothing that an Inter Milan fan loves more than a physical player who will not stop fighting to win the game. A person who keeps fighting and keeps trying to win is encapsulate of the fans just as much as it is the club. As working class fans, we continue to push and fight to make our lives better even when it could not be more difficult. That is what makes an Inter Milan fan. That continue to fight even while things cannot be more difficult and when we are outright losing the battle. You never give up.

As an internista, you have to enjoy the effort just as much as the win. When we watch the team try as hard as they can to even get a point back, we are happy. When you see the team continuing to fight when we are 3-0 down, we will continue to cheer. That is the way that we support our club. The trophies and titles are amazing, but the blood, sweat and tears on the pitch is what matters more than most.

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